Getting Her Back For Good Review

getting her back for good

Reviewer:  Matthew Helm
Rating:  8.9
Website Reviewed: Getting Her Back For Good

Your girlfriend just dumped you and you’re not sure what to do. You are hurting bad, and it all seems hopeless right now. All you know is that you want her back. Should you keep apologizing? Should you tell her that your life is meaningless without her? Should you try harder to change into the guy she wants you to be? Should you text message her at least once a day so she knows you still care?

To answer these and other questions, and for a proven method to not only win her back, but to keep her for the long term, I purchased a copy of Michael Webb’s guide “Getting Her Back… For Good”.

Author Michael Webb has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows, including Oprah; He has been featured in practically every major US newspaper, and has been mentioned in the nation’s top magazines. Michael Webb has published 19 books on relationships.

Getting Her Back For Good is a no-BS guide that lays it out, in no uncertain terms, what you must do to have a chance at getting your girl back, and the challenges you will face. Bottom line, she left you because of something you did, and you have to fix yourself first.

The book starts out with the most important topic of all: Do you really want her back? Michael then goes over the reason women dump their men and follows this with a “strategy” for having a  strategy (or not) in your situation. He then goes on to fully explain the D.G.D., or Dumb Guy Disease, that lurks within all us men and shows how we can cure it so it doesn’t ruin our chances of winning her back. Next, he covers 6 fatal signals, any of which are signs that she desires something different from you and the relationship. If you missed these signals when they happened, then now is a good time to at least become aware of them.

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Having sufficiently covered what you did in the past to get her to leave you, Michael proceeds to address the present moment with 9 qualities she wants from you right now. Add to these 8 essential ingredients that make a relationship strong and keep it strong, and you are beginning to learn what you need to do to keep her, once you get her back. The next chapter covers bedroom performance and how it affected your relationship, with some great tips on improving romance and intimacy. Next he goes over the 16 key things you need to tell her from the bottom of your heart if you hope to get her back. And finally, he explains the 5 concentric circles of successful intimate relationships, and the value of them overlapping and aligning in your relationship.

So is there anything about this book I didn’t like? I personally liked the “cold slap in the face” writing style of this book -some may not. And I think there should have been some examples, like how to make that first contact, and also some sample “scripts” on what to say specifically. In summary, this is an excellent book by Michael Webb that gives you the benefit of his 12 years of experience with relationship matters to increase your chances of success. I highly recommend it to any man who wants to get his girl back, or is having some relationship problems, or just wants a relationship “tune-up” to prevent her from leaving him.

getting her back for good

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getting her back for good