The Virtuoso Lover Review

the virtuoso lover

Reviewer: Matthew Helm
Rating:  9.0
Website Reviewed: The Virtuoso Lover

As lovers of women, we all want to learn how to provide better sex. We fantasize about women screaming our names in ecstasy as we pleasure them in ways they never knew they could be pleasured.

There are plenty of books out there with innovative sexual techniques that promise to elevate us to sex god status. And then we’ve got women who protect our egos by not telling us how we are really doing in bed. So while we may have a sex god’s repertoire of techniques, we may still be missing the mark, so to speak.

Enter author Michael Webb. He has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows, including Oprah; He has been featured in practically every major US newspaper, and has been mentioned in the nation’s top magazines. Michael Webb has published 19 books on relationships.

This begs the question, how does Michael Webb’s new book trilogy The Virtuoso Lover compare to the other books that claim to teach you better sex techniques and make you the next Don Juan?

First impression: The number of pages was intimidating. If you’re looking for a quick read that you can finish in a few nights and try out this weekend, you may be in for some long nights of reading. The three volumes span 524 pages and cover all aspects of lovemaking.

The first book covers the common mistakes guys make and explains the fundamentals and principles for masterful lovemaking. It reminds us that better sex starts between our ears -having the right thoughts, attitude and beliefs going in (no pun intended). I noticed a bit of repetition with the content, and I realized the author did that to emphasize key points.

The second book gets down to the details -and I mean details. Where your hand goes on what, and in what order, foreplay, how to touch her, massage her, kiss her, pleasure her g-spot, her clitoris -step by step.

Seriously, this book leaves nothing out when it comes to foreplay and better sex with women. I was amazed at the amount of detailed explanations on what to do with her neck, shoulders, breasts, arms, legs, mouth, ears, eyes, lips – everything! So much of turning women on has to do with foreplay, and the book really delivers there. Even if you think you’ve tried it all, I bet you will learn something new.

Michael also clarifies how we often try WAY too hard, which causes us to THINK too much. At that point, we tend to get anxious, lose our spontaneity, etc., and end up not being there, in the moment, with our lover. Sometimes being a better lover requires thinking LESS.

The third book wraps it up by covering orgasms some more, conversations (before, during, and after), faking it, positions, undressing her, and being comfortable in your own skin.

I have to say that I appreciate the book’s emphasis on the fact that you and your lover are two human beings who are connecting at a deep level. Yes, there are hundreds of tips and techniques for the best angles and the best orgasm setups, but there are also distinctions about your mindset, congruency, being a giver, and understanding your woman -making that mental connection as well as the physical one.

I have yet to read a more encompassing, and yet easy to read guide on better sex. It flows very well, and once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down.

So is “The Virtuoso Lover” a scam? Or a great guide to better sex?

It’s legit. In summary, this is a great trilogy on the true art of lovemaking. If you’re interested in having better sex with your woman and reaching new levels of enjoyment for yourself, then I highly recommend these books to you.

the virtuoso lover

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the virtuoso lover