How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?

How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?The following has happened to me more times than I would have liked. My girlfriend dumped me, and I wasn’t sure what to do. After I had got over the initial shock, I began contemplating, “how can I get my girlfriend back?” I wracked my brain coming up with ways I should have done things better. I speculated about what caused the breakup. And, I even thought about writing an apology letter.

Sadly, this is akin to “beating a dead horse.” Why? Because we can never know what the real reasons were for the breakup. Heck, my girlfriend might have been in such an emotional state that she doesn’t even know. What was she thinking or feeling? Why did she lose interest in our relationship? It wasn’t helping me to devote so much energy to figure this out.

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The first step to answering the question “how can I get my girlfriend back?” is to drop your attachment to the outcome of this situation. In other words, accept that -at least for now- the relationship is off, and in the future it could go either way. From this place of detachment, you can evaluate the relationship better. Ask yourself some tough questions. Do you want her back, or are you just trying to avoid the temporary pain of a breakup? Do you feel you two were meant to be together? Does she deserve you? Did you “settle” for her because you may have a self-esteem issue? Is your relationship with her chaotic? Does she have toxic habits or addictions? Heavy stuff, I know. But you need to get beyond asking “how can I get my girlfriend back” and dig a little deeper. Make sure that you want her back and that it is better for you to be with her.

And while you are contemplating the answers to these and other questions… Go out, have fun, make friends, and forget about romantic relationships for a while. Also, set a short-term goal to begin learning more about relationships. Particularly in the areas of seduction and meeting new people.

Take enough time to make genuine, positive changes in your life and learn to get along without your ex. This time away from her will work wonders for your confidence level. It will also clear your head and give you a new perspective on relationships. Especially if you have become a student of relationships, as suggested. You may now have a much better idea of how you want to proceed with your ex-girlfriend.

So at this point, are you ready to move on? Are you still wondering, “how can I get my girlfriend back?” If you still have feelings for her and want to get back together, now might be a good time to see how she is feeling about you.

This is your chance to be a little more forthright when it comes to making up with your girlfriend. You need to use your head and be sensible. Do not beg her to get back with you. Now is not a good time to appear needy and emotional.

Rather, play it cool around your ex. Be relaxed and confident. You want her to know that you are doing fine without her. If you have spent enough time apart, she is most likely missing you as much as you are missing her. Fight the urge to become emotional. Be somewhat aloof (but do not overdo it). This will inspire her rethink things about your relationship.

And if making up with your ex-girlfriend is meant to be, then now is the time it will become more evident. Avoid analyzing things too much. The excessive analysis could block rational action when trying to figure out “how can I get my girlfriend back?” Use your head, take things slow, play it cool, and things will go much better.

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