How To Get My Ex Back?

how to get my ex backAre you going through a breakup? And are you thinking about just moving on, or are you wondering “how to get my ex back“? Practically every adult and quite a few teenagers have endured a breakup of some kind. If you are past the point of feeling sorry for yourself, and you are ready to put some effort into getting back together with your ex, then there are some methods you can utilize. Let’s face it, everybody ends up dealing with breakups, and “breakup” does not always mean it is over for good.

The good news is… The odds are in your favor because 90 percent of the time there is no reason why you cannot reconcile with your ex after a breakup, as long you know the steps necessary to get the relationship going again.

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Your “how to get my ex back” strategy

The first step is to figure out what caused the breakup. Of course, you cannot go back into the past to fix what happened, but you can learn from the mistakes that were made. Try this: visualize yourself handling the situation differently, without the mistakes, and learn the lesson from that experience.

The breakup may have been triggered by a one-time incident, or it may have been the culmination of behaviors that your ex simply could not handle anymore. Whatever the reason was for the breakup, you will need to do your best to figure it out. The reason for this is that while you can get your ex back if you know how, you may not be able to keep your ex for the long term unless you determined what went wrong in the first place. Armed with this knowledge, you will also be able to manage the situation differently should it ever come up again.

The next step in your “how to get my ex back” plan is to show that you are doing just fine by yourself after the breakup. Sure, you probably miss your ex, and you may feel like you cannot live without him or her, but it does not serve you to make this obvious to everyone. Get out and participate in life! Join a social group or two, start a new or different exercise routine, take a special interest class at a night school, etc. As people see you being a calm and confident single person -versus an anxious, needy person- you will have a better chance of winning back your ex. Think of your “how to get my ex back” adventure as you learning to happy without them, while having eager anticipation it will all work out for the best.

Finally, it is important that you do not try to make your ex jealous and/or try to get back at your ex. These are actually some of the most destructive things that you could do at this fragile time in your relationship. Being mean or passively aggressive may cause your ex to think that you have already moved on, which could then inspire your ex to give up on any chance of getting back together with you, and to move on too. If your intention is to get back together with your ex, then your goal is to make your ex see that you are doing okay after the breakup -and not to get him or her to completely move on. A successful “how to get my ex back” strategy is more easily accomplished when your ex can see how strong and self-confident you are.

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how to get my ex back

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how to get my ex back