What Not To Do After A Breakup

Everyone has been through a breakup. Either they did the dirty work or they have had it done to them. We know that all relationships are tough. We date people to find a match that we hope will last forever. Sometimes that is not always how it works though. Sometimes they fall apart. Sometimes the relationship is too important to let go of, and when it ends it can be really hard and leads to having regrets. And then we can act irrationally when we realize what we might be losing. Today’s post is about what not to do after a breakup.

There are many ways to push your lover away but there are also many ways to win your ex back. A positive attitude is necessary along with confidence and high self-esteem. When you are wanting to win your ex back, here are some things to avoid.

Examples of what not to do after a breakup

1. what not to do after a breakupCalling or texting them constantly. While you are doing this it may seem like a good idea. If you keep calling or texting then obviously they will have to think about you and it shows them that they are on your mind as well. They will want to know how much you still care. But there is no relationship after someone calls it off. So, it is pointless to keep calling or texting someone that just wants to let go. It just seems desperate and annoying. They will not come back to someone who is irritating them. Calling them over and over again will only result in them blocking you or changing their phone number.

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2. Going to visit your ex. This may seem like a really good idea too, but it is another illustration of what not to do after a breakup. Showing up at their door or workplace or known hangout will end up making you look desperate. Even worse, acting like a stalker may result in a restraining order being issued against you. No matter how bad you want to see them and be close to them it will not do you any good. They wanted to break up because they did not want to see you. Visiting them or being near them is just going to make them not want to be with you even more.

3. Using your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) to show how much you love and miss your ex. Posting pictures of you two together, your favorite songs, plus some heartfelt messages will certainly let them and the entire friends network know just how much you want to get back together, right? And then everyone will get in your corner to persuade them to take you back, right? WRONG! He or she will only feel embarrassed for you and you will most likely become a source of gossip for being so obsessed and desperate.

Even though you might think the ways to win an ex back should involve the use of extreme measures in order to “show your love”, these are really cases of what not to do after a breakup. Be careful which roads you take. You don’t want to scare them away. And always keep in mind what’s meant to be will always find away.

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